Heating & Cooling Applications

Heating  & Cooling Applications Acrolab's technology offers a competitive advantage whether your application is for Heating or Cooling. Either way, Acrolab's Isobar® Heat Pipe heating and cooling systems are an excellent, affordable and maintenance-free way to gain a competitive advantage.

Custom Solutions and Consulting

Thermal-related Engineering Design & Research A new and unique super thermal conductive mandrel technology developed by Acrolab Ltd. of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, will now permit curing of filament wound pipe and tube sections without the need for cure ovens by heating the mandrel uniformly, while rotating, using induction heating.

About Acrolab

Provider of Sensors, RTDs & Hoppers Acrolab offers engineered heat transfer and Cooling systems and accessories; sensors and RTDs (industrial & plastics) and assemblies; process controls; a complete line of heating elements and accessories; hoppers and dryers; and a state-of-the-art research and development lab.      
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